Rhinophalt is a unique preventative maintenance treatment for asphalt which preserves, protects and extends the life of the asphalt infrastructure, delivering substantial operational, financial and environmental benefits.


How Rhinophalt works?

  • Penetrates into the upper surface course
  • Binds together aggregate and surface fines
  • Improves resistance to water and salt ingress
  • Seals in essential oils and resins
  • Protects asphalt surface against oxidisation
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Operational benefits:

  • Less closures for resurfacing or maintenance
  • Rapid treatment time, meaning early re-opening for traffic
  • Treatment at night during quieter traffic periods or closures

Financial benefits:

  • Adds years to the life of asphalt pavements
  • Reduces unplanned maintenance intervention
  • Eliminates the need for stone loss sweeping
  • Shortens treatment time

Environmental benefits:

  • Significantly lower requirement for raw materials
  • Far fewer vehicle movements for maintenance and repair
  • Reduction or elimination of replaced waste materials



ASI Solutions (UK)

Established in 1997 ASI Solutions has always been a leader in innovation for asphalt maintenance solutions. It was the first company to introduce infrared road repair systems, which were HAPAS approved, using its unique patented system. ASI Solutions was also the first company in Europe to recognize the important contribution that asphalt preservatives could make to the needs of Asset Managers in terms of financial, environmental and operational efficiencies.


With a presence in Germany, ASI is well placed to cover the whole of Europe and our partnership arrangements in China and the Far East, India, South America and the Middle East ensure a firm platform for the expanded use of its materials around the globe.



DBA-RHINO JSC is proud to be the strategic partner of ASI Solutions and an exclusive distributor of Rhinophalt in Vietnam.


Learn more about company: http://www.asisolutions.co.uk/